About Me

Hey there, I’m Rachel and welcome to my modern farmhouse!

Modern Farmhouse Eats is where I share delicious homestyle, country recipes with the occasional modern twist and farm life experiences. But, mostly food!

As for a little bit about myself, I was raised by my wonderful parents, with four older brothers, on a small organic dairy farm in Minnesota that was passed down from my grandparents.

Growing up on a farm is a unique experience. Being able to step outside on a summer morning and see cows grazing and hear chickens clucking, surrounded by family, is a lifestyle that I was lucky enough to enjoy, but is a lifestyle that is sadly disappearing.

About 8 years ago, my parents moved their farming operation to Wisconsin (and 3 of my siblings followed, ugh – so far away), which has become my haven on earth. As for me, I currently live in Minneapolis with my fiancé, but spend a lot of time back at my family’s farm in Wisconsin because of my strong love for family and the simple life. I also have the privilege of visiting with the best family farmers around the Midwest thanks to my wonderful day job as a Brand Marketing Specialist.

I’ve always been an organic enthusiast, had a love for the country and nature, and a deep passion for educating others on the importance of living a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Oh, and I have a big place in my heart for food! Seriously, I wake up and go to bed thinking about food. I think I have a problem. Some of my favorite things are lake days, traveling, and spending time on our family farm.

If you’re wondering where I first learned my cooking and baking skills, it was from the best “chef” I know – my mom! Growing up, my mom always whipped up amazingly delicious meals from whatever we had on hand. And as I start developing my own recipes, I like to use fresh ingredients and make from scratch recipes that are for the busy, modern cook. I believe it’s important to find a healthy balance between big juicy burgers and leafy greens.

I find happiness in writing about the adventures of life and sharing with others the beauty (and food) of the world – so, I hope you stick around! Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. If you’re wondering about the little baby goat I’m holding in the picture on my homepage, that’s Ethel! Isn’t she cutest?! I’m an obsessed, self-proclaimed goat mom.